Hi there! I’m Lithium Papyrus, an ordinary grade 11 student from OM63 and QTH OL39. Nice to meet you!

I’m studying at a not-well-known rural school in Chongqing and will participate in Gaokao in Jun 2025. My grades aren’t excellent, although a lot depended on whether I slept on the exam. I’m better at English and geography, but I’m not fond of Chinese and math. I’m interested in history, but my chosen subjects are physics, chemistry, and geography.

About my personality…INFP-T? I’m not outgoing for strangers but maybe better for people closer. I’ll care what others think of me.

Has a wide range of hobbies, with a mix of ingredients. I’m a Furry with no fursona (though the tweets reflect a low concentration?). I know a bit of front-end and PHP, and I’ve done some inoffensive PR for several projects I’ve used. I’m trying to get into amateur radio, though I suspect I won’t have much time for it at school. My photography skills are haphazard, and my retouching skills aim to be as good as they look.

Microsoft Concentration High, but not a Microsoft employee. I’m a Microsoft MCCP engineering program member, Microsoft Learn student ambassador, Microsoft Answers community article writer, Microsoft PC Manager & WowTab community volunteer. I joined the Windows Insider Program and am in the Dev channel. If you have an opinion about Windows OS/Microsoft PC Manager/WowTab, please feel free to contact me by any means.

73, and goodbye!

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