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About Me

16 years old | High School Sophomore | Amateur Developer | New College Entrance Exam (Gaokao) with Chinese, English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Geography

Unlocked Regions (roughly in chronological order):

  • Henan Province Pingdingshan City | Yuzhou City | Zhengzhou City
  • Shandong Province Qingdao City | Rizhao City
  • Chongqing Municipality Yubei District | Yuzhong District | Hechuan District | Tongliang District | High-Tech Zone (aka. Xiyong Science City) | Nanan District
  • Shaanxi Province Hanzhong City
  • Sichuan Province Nanchong City Langzhong City | Guangyuan City

Dreams are always there, so when will MIT, YALE, Princeton, PKU, THU, USTC, CQU, SWU, etc. send me an acceptance letter?

Appearing in every corner of the Internet.

Uploading videos of the monitoring of Hechuan Middle School's dining area, entertainment area, and sleeping area.

Peace & Love, long live peace. Hope for a world without gunpowder.

Typesetting OCD, must keep a space between Chinese and English, Arabic numerals, and punctuation. It's uncomfortable to see someone not doing this.

Personality is perhaps more introverted, not good at taking the initiative to talk to people in real life (well, actually not good at it online either).

16 Personalities Test - INFP-T

Language Skills: Simplified Chinese (native) | North American English (barely) | Traditional Chinese

About This Domain

Domain name LiCaoZ.COM, hosted on DNSPod (CN), has been renewed until 2031.

Chongqing ICP No. 2020010307-2 | Chongqing Public Network Security No. 50011702500718 | Moe ICP No. 20222468

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